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We are Immigration and education consultant based in India specializing in Student Visa, Permanent Residency Visa (Major Category – Skilled Immigration, Work permit), Visitor Visa for most popular countries where people are migrating, i.e. Australia, Canada, NZ, UK, USA

Services at Fasttrack to Success include immigration advice and information based on current immigration rules of the country, proposed the best fit visa options basis the full assessment and the migration process, visa application preparation

We specialize in providing expert guidance and support for obtaining visitor visas to destinations worldwide. With a dedicated team of experienced professionals, we navigate the complexities of visa application processes, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey for our clients.

Welcome to our hassle-free visa inquiry service. Our free visa inquiry service is your gateway to understanding the necessary steps for obtaining a visa to your desired country.

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Truvik immigration advisory foundation was established with a small idea that was incepted in the minds of its promoters in the year 1994! We skilfully guide applicants for immigration process to any country they aspire to settle down.
We’ve been counselling students for educational in foreign countries.

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Complete Online Form

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Documents & Payments

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Direct Interview

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Receive Visa

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Immigration & Visa Services in Gujarat

Dreaming of a new life abroad? Gujarat, with its vibrant culture and entrepreneurial spirit, can be your launchpad. But navigating the complexities of immigration and visas can feel daunting. Fear not! This guide will point you towards reliable visa immigration services in Gujarat, ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey.

Types of Services:

  • Visa Consultants: These experts offer comprehensive guidance, from eligibility assessment to application assistance, for various visa types like student, work, PR, and travel. Registered migration agent for Australia in Gujarat.
  • Immigration Lawyers: For complex cases involving appeals, detentions, or legal challenges, immigration lawyers provide invaluable legal expertise.
  • Educational Consultancies: If studying abroad is your goal, these consultancies help choose the right program, university, and guide you through the visa application process.

Finding the Right Partner:

  • Reputation & Reviews: Option for agencies with a proven track record and positive client testimonials. Research online reviews and compare agencies before making a decision.
  • Specialization: Choose an agency specializing in your desired visa category and destination country for in-depth knowledge and expertise.
  • Transparency & Fees: Ensure clear communication about fees, services offered, and the overall process. Beware of hidden charges or unrealistic guarantees.

Top Cities in Gujarat:

  • Ahmedabad: Home to numerous renowned consultancies like Care Immigration, Global Visa Services, and Shree Hari Education & Immigration.
  • Gandhinagar: Leading agencies include Mahi Visa Services, Soar Overseas, and Move On Consultancy.
  • Vadodara: Extrip Immigration Services and Fly High Consultancy offer valuable guidance for aspiring immigrants.

Additional Tips:

  • Start Early: Visa processing can take time, so plan and initiate the process well in advance.
  • Gather Required Documents: Meticulously collect all necessary documents as per the specific visa requirements.
  • Stay Updated: Visa regulations can change, so stay informed about the latest updates through official embassy websites or reliable agencies.

Remember: Choosing the right immigration & visa service provider is crucial for a successful journey. By following these tips and conducting thorough research, you can find the perfect partner to help you navigate the exciting world of immigration and turn your international dreams into reality.


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Fasttrack to Success, the futuristic approach makes us different than others which reflects in our logo and name. We are modern, fast, innovative, responsive, advanced. We are the bridge to connect the world together. Our company’s core values - Friendliness, Transparency, Success with Stability. Fasttrack to success is prominent, registered and one of the fastest evolving education & migration Consultant in India. It has been guiding and assisting the skilled and talented people in the visa process

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