Student Visa (S-1)

Student Visa (S-1)

Canada is swiftly becoming the best choice among international students. There are thousands of students congregate to Canada to make the most of its amazing education system every year. It is important to note that Canada spends more per capita on its education system than any other associated with Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Education credentials earned from Canadian institutes are recognized the world over.


Canadian universities and education institutions offered some well-tailored programs in a variety of fields. The courses may differ slightly from institute to institute but all in all these courses aim to provide comprehensive support and peerless teaching and training to students that enroll with them. A delightful little factoid that is really attractive to most students is that 90% of students who graduate from Canadian institutes get employed in their fields within 6 months of graduation.

With over 200 institutions around the country, there are a number of specializations on offer. The courses are relatively cheaper than the US and the slow rate of inflation ensures that the cost of living too isn’t too high. International students are given a number of facilities by universities from student clubs to academic advisors, no stones are left unturned to provide them the support they need. International students are also allowed to work for stipulated hours during their course and full time during the holidays.


Canada’s rich culture, which has been fed by a strong stream of immigrants over the years, is a great place to study. It provides sufficient time for learning and leisure in equal measure. It has numerous avenues for indulging in one’s love for art, sports or music. Studying here will give you innumerable opportunities for meeting like-minded people and get the required life experience before plunging into the professional world.


Students who are studying in Canada for a one year course are given one year to work in Canada. While students who are enroll in courses of 2 years are given 2-3 years to work in the country. This additional time is a huge benefit for students. Moreover you can also apply for permanent residency of Canada while working in Canada. If you have a PR then you can apply for a Canadian citizenship within 3 years. With Canada being a safe, economically strong country, it is not a surprise that so many students are eager to make Canada their education destination.