Academic System

Academic System

While education abroad is usually an expensive option, Australia offers a unique combination of affordability and quality. The country not only provides great living conditions but also has a highly inclusive multi-racial society that welcomes immigrants. Australian education institutions are considered to be some of the best in the world. They regularly rank among the top universities on the globe and are considered to be some of the most innovative.

Studying in Australia can be value for money and also has on offer short and intensive courses. Universities of this island nation are quick to adapt to the latest scientific and technological innovations and work along modern marketing and management trends. Not only is the education provided in this country modern it is also perfectly appropriate for anyone looking to pursue a career anywhere in the world.

There are a number of reasons why Australia ranks highly on the list of Indian students. Here’s why:

  • Australian universities accept Indian 12+3 qualifications making it easier for masters aspirants to apply.
  • The duration of masters courses are usually quite short and can go on for 1, 1.5 to 2 years.
  • The costs of tuition are way more competitive unlike other developed countries like the US and the UK.
  • The Australian education standards are recognized and accepted around the world.
  • They provide high standards of education along with good research facilities with cutting edge equipment.
  • The visa process to be followed is straight, simple and easy to understand.
  • There are approximate 70,000 Indian students studying in Australia and the number is rising every year.
  • Australian universities are recognized the world over for their adherence to international standards and academic staff are recruited internationally.
  • Graduates and academics from Australian institutions are recruited around the world and this is just one of the many indicators of the quality of education provided by them.
  • The country has a strong economy, agreeable climate and a stable government.

The country has 38 universities, 3 private universities and a number of other accredited educational institutions. Each course offered in a university is given a unique CRICOS code by the Australian Government. This shows that the education system is fully controlled by the government. While there is no formal ranking system for the universities it is generally accepted that Australian education institutions have a high standard of quality.

Cost of Student visa (Subclass 500)

  • Primary Applicant fees –AUD 650
  • Additional Applicant fees 18 Yrs. and above – AUD 485
  • Additional Applicant fees below 18 Yrs. –AUD 160

Note: The visa fees and other associated charges are subject to change periodically by the respective immigration authorities and other relevant entities. So, to confirm the latest visa fees and charges, get in touch with the migration expert at Fasttrack to Success.

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