USA – Academic System

Academic System

The United States of America provides highly distinct and innovative education systems. It provides them a high quality of learning and research opportunities over and above recruitment support and network building opportunities.

International students can apply for a four year undergraduate course and later continue with a two year master’s program. International students, depending upon their credentials also can directly apply for their masters by research and/or their doctorate program. Be it studying engineering, science courses, humanities courses or even a doctoral thesis, USA provides some of the best education opportunities in the world.

Cost of Student Visa (F1):

  • Applicant visa fee –  US$160
  •     SEVIS fee on visa Application –  US$350

*SEVIS – The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System

Note: The visa fees and other associated charges are subject to change periodically by the respective immigration authorities and other relevant entities. So, to confirm the latest visa fees and charges, get in touch with the migration expert at Fasttrack to Success.

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