Canada – Career Employment

Career Employment

Work permits for international students are a big attraction for most aspirants. A 2 year course allows you a work permit of 3 years, while a one year course allows you a permit of one year. There is not restriction on the kind of employment that you may get after your graduation.

Canada is a leader in modern technology. It leads in the field of Java programming, networking, wireless communications and computer technology. The fields of telecommunications, transportation, engineering and micro-electronics are just some of the most prominent industries of Canada. Companies like Black Berry, Corel, etc. are famous around the world and are Canadian run. In fact 18 of the top 40 engineering faculties in Canada are found in Canada according to the Gourmand Report.

Most students are also eligible for working while they are studying and this experience prepares them to be integrated into the workforce on graduating. Many education institutions also provide co-operative education opportunities which allow for alternating periods of work and study. This helps students not only get a handle on their education requirements but also keep earning their livelihood while at it.