Canada – Academic System

Academic System

Canada’s per capita spending on post-secondary education is very high comparing other popular developed countries. The education system of Canada is divided in 3 sections – Elementary, Secondary and Post-Secondary. There is no real federal system of education in Canada. The Education in this country is under the jurisdiction of the provinces and territories. Canada’s standard commitment to education is showcased by the fact that public education here is free till the secondary school.

Education after secondary school is either community colleges or universities. In post-secondary section education institutes are divided into the following brackets:


Certificate – These courses are about a year in length.


Diploma – These courses are two years in length.


Advanced Diploma – A 3 year program which can also open the door to a bachelor’s degree.


Post Graduate Diplomas/Certificates – These programmed usually last for 12 to 17 weeks and are a gateway to a master’s degree. They provide practical experience and theoretical study and are sometimes a prerequisite to participate in a bachelor’s program.


Bachelor’s Degree – Awarded by universities, colleges and community colleges after four years of study and are usually followed with graduate level studies.


Master’s Degree – Graduates who want to pursue learning and research in their field and increase the scope of occupation after education, usually go for master’s degree. These degrees are usually 2 years long and are usually done after a 4 year or 3 year bachelor program.


Doctorate or PhD – Ranking above the master degree it generally takes about 4 to 7 years to finish.

These courses in the various colleges, universities and education institutes in Canada provide students with ample opportunities to broaden their educational horizons. The degrees obtained here are considered at par with US universities and that of other commonwealth countries.


Cost of Student (S-1) visa

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