Case Analysis

Case Analysis

Case Analysis, the most important and initial stage of any migration program at Fasttrack to Success, when you visit us first time at our door step. Key parameters on which the success of your visa application depends are Age, Education, Work-Experience, English Language Proficiency, etc. Our expert at Fasttrack to success capture all the specifics of your profile and examine the best fit migration route or program for you.

Selection Measures

All the parameters are extremely important for evaluation of the case. Hence, at Fasttrack to Success our subject matter experts check your total point score to select the right immigration program for you to apply. Selection of right immigration program matters a lot, as choosing the most appropriate migration option based on your profile improve your probabilities of succeeding.

Probability of Selection

Transparency is the core value of the company, keep our client in loop at every stage of the progress. It’s important to discussed the possibility of success for all the leading migration programs. We discuss all the visa options and also provide significant recommendation about the best one where chances of getting success are relatively high.

Elimination of bottlenecks

Exclusion of blockage is important in order to make sure that your prepared migration file is a winning one. There can be certain things which can hamper your application process or smooth selection of your profile in the immigration process of your desired country. Hence, you need to eliminate such issues in your profile to make your profile a winning one.

The issues which need to address can be:

Low profile score: Low migration point score is one of the significant conditions that applications status stuck in the immigration system of respective country. Hence, if your profile score is low, efforts are made to increase the same to match up the demand of the immigration system of respective country. Hence, our migration experts can suggest you about adding the credentials of your spouse or partner to enhance your total immigration point score, or sit in the language proficiency test again to score higher marks.

Documentation: There are some documents which are either missing or need improvement. Our migration expert, systematically assess your profile to find out any such shortcomings, and inform you well in advance, to get the same rectified or updated at earliest.

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